Zack Agon -Survival Song(produce by Df musik)

 Zack Agon of Gong Gong Gang Music well known as The Hatman Releases his most Anticipated Banger dubbed Survival Song.He talked about how it feels to be Hustler,

Hustlers got no friend.

Some Quotable Lyrics are;

When’s storming, I say a prayer to survive
When I’m left alone, I know ALLAH loves me
So I’ll be alright (2x)

They say I ‘ain got money ain’ got fame
So me and ’em we ain’ the same
Ain’ got no classic shirts
So walkin’ with me will be a shame

Hustler ain’ got no friend
So I’m walkin’, walkin’ alone
Hustler ain’ got no friend
I’m walkin’, walkin’ alone

Walkin’ on the street
Singing survival song
Walking on the street
Singing survival song

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