You must respect DJs if you want to rise from Zero to Hero- DJ Sharron advises budding artists in upper west region.

You must respect DJs if you want to rise from Zero to Hero- DJ Sharron advises budding artists in upper west region.

DJ Sharron of tumpaani 88.5 FM in the Nadowli/Kaleo District, UWR, has lashed out hard at some budding artists in the upper west region who tend to disrespect Djs after they have been put in the entertainment limelight.

The multi talented DJ popularly known as The Mix King, on his morning programme dubbed "Work and Happiness" on tumpaani 88.5 fm said upcoming artists in the region chase after DJs to get them promoted and put on the map in the entertainment industry in Ghana but turns around to snub DJs when they are invited to pass through entertainment programmes on radio.

He disclosed that several calls have been made to some artists to pass through entertainment programmes on radio but that they have strangely directed that he and his crew seek negotiation, permission and approval from their managers before they can pass through.
He described the development as an unnecessary bureaucracy that defies logic, respect and gratitude to DJs in the region.

He said "Most of these upcoming artists do not have managers or PROs. It is the DJ who pushes them out for people to appreciate their talent. It is the DJ's promotion that usually gets you a management and So I don't think it shows respect and gratitude on the part of any artists to direct a DJ to meet and seek greenlight from their managers before appearing on radio for entertainment programmes. I acknowledge that artists and their managers should not work in isolation. They must work closely but the artists must be the ones to inform their managers and seek approval for entertainment programmes"

He took a swipe at such bureaucratic artists.
 "It is high time they understood the crucial role DJs play as far the progress of an artist is concern. If your tracks are not played on radio and your programmes not given the needed promotion by the DJ on radio, how would you get recognized and given the needed attention? So they must respect DJs if they are serious in showbiz and want to move from zero to hero" He added.

He advised such artists to eschew the attitude and be ready and willing to appear on radio for entertainment programmes adding that artists in the region should rather make their personal numbers available for fast and easy access by all DJs .

He stated that there are a lot of great  entertainment programmes on radio and artists in the region must take advantage of them to market themselves well to the  listening public in the region and beyond.

He expressed worry that this attitude on the part of artists in the region make playing upper west cooked tracks on radio a least concern for some radio DJs in the region if the behavior is not checked.
He therefore called for a paradigm shift.


  1. King yaaro is my name.well said Mr DJ Sharron as a musician, DJ's they are your first father before any other thing because a musician without a DJ is like you are wasting your time for nothing because they will promote u if u really want to go big ups to all DJ's King yaaro say so ♿️


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