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Fraudsters Clone Bagbin's Facebook Account - Nadowli-Kaleo, NDC

Fraudsters Clone Bagbin's Facebook Account - Nadowli-Kaleo, NDC Alban Kingsford Bagbin, Mp for Nadowli-Kaleo Second Deputy Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament , Rt. Hon Album Bagbin according to the Deputy Communication Officer for Nadowli-Kaleo Constituency has no Facebook Account. According to Mr. James Dabaga, some obnoxious individuals are using the Lawmaker’s Name in scamming innocent individuals. Statement Our attention has been drawn to some fraudulent activities on social media involving the name of the impeccable Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament and MP for Nadowli/Kaleo Constituency, the Rt. Hon. Alban S.K Bagbin. According to our sources, the modus operandi of these fraudsters is that they clone facebook accounts in the name of the Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin and start sending friends request to their unsuspecting preys. When the friends request are accepted, the fraudsters invade the inboxes of the potential fraud victims with various proposals and job o

I wasted resources on my first track---Joe Crack confesses

I wasted resources on my first track---Joe Crack confesses  A fast rising reggae/dancehall artist, Joe Crack known in private life as Ningwie Libanus has confessed that he did get impressed with the first track he released. The Jirapa based artist disclosed on Tumpaani FM's Entertainment Talk show with DJ Sharron that he does remember well the title of his first track and that he does not even know the whereabout of it. "I realized that I wasted my resources on my first. Truly speaking, I don't know where that track is. Quality work was not done on it" He indicated that a phone recording would have given better quality than the professional recording "  "Since my first day at that particular recording studio, i did not visit that studio and will resist to go there even if I'm tied to be carried to that recording studio. First impression matters. I realized the producer was not ready to help. He did not encourage me" Giving further na


APPRECIATIONS TO ALL SPONSORS, FAMILY AND FRIENDS.  When appreciation is delayed, it losses its value, so says the common adage among our elders. On behalf of the entire crew of Dj Sharron, I deem it a great pleasure and an act respect and gratitude to immediately say a very big thank you to all and sundry who supported in diverse ways when Dj Sharron bagged a nomination at the Upper West Creative Arts Awards as Media Personality of the Year. When voting commenced after the nomination, you did  not hesitate to vote massively for the Mix King. Even though your massive support did not earn us the ultimate award, we earned the 2nd Highest Texter. We are very much grateful and motivated. Our special heartfelt appreciations and thank you are extended to the following persons (Not in any order) 1. Uncle, Hon Alban S.K Bagbin 2. Aunty Alice Bagbin 3. Hon Denis Andaban (The Village Boy from DBI) 4. Oxygen Base drinking spot 5. Alhaji Haminu Nawa 6. Bro Daniel Bagbin 7. Bro

PM Lexis on the way forward for Upper West Music Industry.

PM Lexis on the way forward for Upper West Music Industry. PM Lexis in an exclusive interview with Tumpaani Fm's entertainment show hosted by Dj S2 and Dj Noble star, on Friday, 5th June, 2020  outlined some key points on the way towards progress of Upper West music industry players. Asked what he thinks would help Upper West Artists to rise to climb higher stages, he advised that "we need to make those artists who have made it in music as role models and learn very well from them. poor or no branding is another thing we must work on. Upper West musicians lack proper branding and some don't even try branding themselves. When you hear that AY Poyoo is coming out with a musical video or is coming for a show, you know his outlooks.  when you hear of Manifest, you expect nothing but his bald head and his beads. Samini has branded himself with the pito calabash to show where he is from. But when it comes to Upper West, we don't have anything to show we are brandi


                      LIFE CHECK SERIES COVID-19 IN GHANA I describe it as the _Third World War_  seeping and creeping into every continent and country -  circumnavigating around the Globe with simmering ravages. It *may not*  portend immediate downturn in the World's Economies. However, long-term hardship stares us in the face resulting from its trickle-down effect which has a ripple effect on our socio-economic life. Nevertheless, we must brace ourselves and put on the armour of courage and the weapon of strength in our medical research quest in a bid to find an everlasting remedy to curb the menace. My dear, don't be alarmed and/or nervous about the *snowballing* figures (especially Ghana's case).There shall be senerity after the storm; thus, COVID-19 will *peter out.* It will certainly *wax and wane.* Everyone must come to terms with this.  _A.A. ABATANIE_ Number 0544471428


GOLDEN RULES IN LIFE* 1. Respect 3 People *. Teachers *. Parents *. Elderly 2. Keep 3 things in you *. Honesty *. Faith *. Good Deeds 3. Be Free from 3 things *. Arrogance *. Cheating *. Debts 4. Control 3 things *. Tongue *. Anger *. Appetite 5. Reject 3 things *. Bad deeds *. Backbiting *. Jealousy 6. Obtain 3 things *. Knowledge *. Understanding *. Wisdom 7. Build on 3 things *. Good counsel *. Good Manners *. Godliness with contentment 8. Keep 3 things pure *. Body *. Clothes *. Thoughts 9. Remember 3 things *. Death *. Hell *. Heaven 10. Protect 3 things *. Family *. Future *. Friends 11. Work on 3 things *. Vision *. Trust *. Faith 12. Run away from 3 things *. Sin *. Pride *. Bad association 13. Love 3 People *. God *. Yourself *. Others Keep these things in mind. God bless you