PM Lexis on the way forward for Upper West Music Industry.

PM Lexis on the way forward for Upper West Music Industry.

PM Lexis in an exclusive interview with Tumpaani Fm's entertainment show hosted by Dj S2 and Dj Noble star, on Friday, 5th June, 2020  outlined some key points on the way towards progress of Upper West music industry players.

Asked what he thinks would help Upper West Artists to rise to climb higher stages, he advised that "we need to make those artists who have made it in music as role models and learn very well from them. poor or no branding is another thing we must work on. Upper West musicians lack proper branding and some don't even try branding themselves. When you hear that AY Poyoo is coming out with a musical video or is coming for a show, you know his outlooks.  when you hear of Manifest, you expect nothing but his bald head and his beads. Samini has branded himself with the pito calabash to show where he is from. But when it comes to Upper West, we don't have anything to show we are branding ourselves with. We only wear our chains and crazy jeans for shows. That's not proper branding"

He added, "no investor will like to pick an artist and start branding him or her at fresh but the investor would like to manage someone who knows what he is doing"

to a question on the way forward for upper West Music Industry,
he said " We need alot of things to be put in place before we can efficiently explore. We only show up as musicians when we are billed on shows to perform. That's not enough way of showcasing our talent"

He indicated that "Upper West is not like other places where there is street battling and other talent shows where you can go to prove your talent. So all industry players, should find alternative means of letting the world know their latent talents"

PM Lexis advised his colleague artists in the region to be humble and ready to learn from more experienced or successful artists in Ghana. "No artist in Upper West will make it if he or she doesn't contact anyone to help him go high. We need to humble ourselves and contact capable persons to help push us high. Stonebwoy was built up by Samini. Because Stonebwoy knew what Samini could do to push him high, he stayed with him and he (Stonebwoy) has explored now" PM Lexis indicated.

PM Lexis is one of the fastest rising artists in the Northern Ghana. He is from Nandom in the Upper West region of Ghana

Writer: Dakurah Sir Dicey
source: Tumpaani 88.5mhz

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