It’s about Ghana Education - Naked Waya

It’s about Ghana Education
Naked Waya who hails from Goli in the Upper West Region to be specific Nadowli/Kaleo District. On 23rd July, 2020, Naked Waya on a show of Tumpaani F.M 88.5mhz launched his new track titled ‘’Ghana Education’’ after he dropped a great track titled ‘’THEM GO TALK’’.
As part of his talent in the music industry, he considered the previous educational system in Ghana with the current educational system which he sees there has been a great difference which then calls for his new track dubbed ‘’Ghana Education’’
He further indicated that his track is not under the influence of any politician or any political group but from his own perspective and observation. Come to think of the double track system, new curriculum and other challenges attached to the current educational system. The new curriculum where text books and other learning materials after been introduced, materials which could aid in the improvement of this new curriculum are not yet available for students to study to improve their educational life.
On his interaction with Dj Sharron as the host of an entertainment show dubbed entertainment hour and produced by Dj Noble on Tumpaani FM, Naked Waya pleaded with the general public not to take his new track as a political track but to take his track as an advice piece to take better steps in improving our educational system.
He further expressed his heartfelt for students from remote communities, he said after some students sits at home for two or three months might not continue their education because for he/she might be engaged in other activities which might generate him/her quick money so he/she might not think of education anymore then that’s where you gets more of such students from the remote areas dropping out of schools.
Naked Waya on his submissions stated it clear that other peoples might judge him wrongly because they might consider his sensational track to be political track from their own view and understanding but he pleaded that all should join hands in aiding a better education in our country. Thank you.

Writer: Dj Noble


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