Music is much difficult in Accra as compared to the North. Teflox Flexx discloses

*Music is much difficult in Accra as compared to the North. Teflox Flexx discloses* 

The Accra based artist from Sandima in the Upper East region discloses that, music is much difficult in Accra as compared to the Northern sector of the country per his experience in the North and in Accra. His reason being that, Accra is congested with a lot of artists who thrive hard to go higher in the music industry so because of this, promotion becomes difficult as compared to the Northern sector. Artists in Accra are therefore compelled to do extra works to be able to promote their music hence, high competition amongst artists in Accra. He added that, even though music seem difficult in Accra, he disputes the act of artists from the North doing music only at their locality. He said artists from the North must not sit at one place and do music however, they have to move out and expand their music. Sharing his experience on how he expanded his music, he said he started his music at Sandima, later moved to Tamale then finally to Accra.

Speaking with Ericson during a phone interview at Tumpaani FM 88.5Mhz, the Maamiyaa hit maker said he did his "village boy in suit" Experimental Project (EP) to determine his kind of songs the people out there will embrace and the kind of style the people will like. He added that, his"village boy in suit" EP did really good in the market because many people embraced it. He equally discloses that among all his songs, the one he loves most is his"Oluwa" track and his reason is that the song tells a story about him. "My EP made me popular" he added.

Being quizzed as to whether he gets some discriminations in the industry because of his tribe, he said what baffles him most is that, many people in Accra do not believe him anytime he tells them he is a Northerner he said he does not know how a Northerner should look like. "Should a Northerner look like TZ?" He humorously questioned. He added that people down South treat Northerners the way they treat them because of the kind of humanism they show anytime they go down South. But he said that should not be the case. So he entreats Northeners who go down South to always strive hard for greatness and stop being enslaved in timidity so as to prevent being treated badly.

Throwing light on his collaboration with Medikal, he articulated that it was hard getting Medikal for his collaboration but also easy. The hard aspect he said was that, his dream was to make a collaboration with Medikal but how to get him was hard. However when he moved to Accra and finally met Medikal, it was easy for him. He stated proudly that the Omada hit maker inspired him to be whom he is today because he listened to his songs which pushed him to be like him.

He concluded by saying that one of his sole aims as an artist from the North but based in Accra is to take higher the name of the North. He also advised all artists in the North to be humble and ready to open up and learn. He said "one person does not hold a nation." So he promised to pull artists from the North to be able to get higher in the industry.


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