We all agree that Music is one of the fastest and biggest instruments of development in our community. So being a musician is not just about putting lyrics into beats but the ability to use your craft to touch lives, promote businesses and advise people on some crucial social issues. That makes you a relevant musician.

I present to you the true definition of a creative, consistent, versatile and relevant artiste SKELENZY ~DE VADIBIDATA. He was a very promising footballer during the early days of his youth and has set records and made history in football to the extent that his name spread to all the four corners of the upper west region, but since no one can escape his/her destiny, he switched into the music industry.

He started his music career during his senior high school days and has since remained relevant in the upper west Music fraternity and his name is always on the lips of all music lovers within the upper west region. He has so far released very educative and entertaining songs over the years.

Some of his unique and outstanding qualities are his creativity when it comes to lyrics, his versatility in his craft, his dope pouches, his ability to jump on almost every beat/instrumental and above all his love and support for upcoming artists. 

 He took a bold step to join the most branded , vibrant and relevant record label within the municipality, WISDOM MUSIC.  He released so many hit tracks including # PRAYER , #2 CEDIS GAL # YAKUBU ETC which are still trending on the streets.

 SKELENZY is not just an artist/musician who is releasing tracks to entertain his fans and people but he also has the ability to use his talent/craft through his songs to bring positive impact on people's lives, promote businesses to enhance development in order to make the society a better place.

He is the brain behind the biggest and finest project that encompasses the whole of NADOWLI TOWNSHIP including businesses, influential personalities and their day to day activities.

This one in a million project seeks to promote businesses(eg provision stores, guest Houses, accerceries stores, drug stores, Tea shops, building materials shops etc.) and activities that re running within the NADOWLI TOWNSHIP in order to advertise them to the whole world. It also seeks to promote some top personalities within the music fraternity (Eg Dj Sharron, Dj Teverz, Dj particlez, 99, banzin,One don Awasty, TKB etc.) within the town to bring them to light and encourage them to do more.

You can bear with me the heavy impact this project will have in the developmental process of the NADOWLI TOWNSHIP.

This development track is already in the process to be released and it's dropping with VISUALS.

 SKELENZY DE VADIBIDATA is indeed the true definition of a relevant artist.

#kinkayjee de streetking

# kayjee rites 

( Clovis Kajetan)


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